A quick look at the mobile communications industry in Africa by Panseh Tsewole

Mobile communications in Africa has changed the game in many areas, but it has also presented the continent with new pressing issues, such as fraud, misuse, data security, and mobile device theft. However, in Panseh Tsewole’s view, the positive benefits of the spread of mobile communications in Africa far outweigh the negative.

Panseh Tsewole says the growth in demand for mobile communications services and devices in Africa have led to a new source of income, employment, and economic activity in many of Africa’s nations. It has also spurred innovation and entrepreneurship for people that previously didn’t have a business niche to delve into. Panseh Tsewole believes this increased economic activity is a great thing, and he feels it will go further in the future.

Panseh Tsewole opines another area of innovation that has been brought on by mobile communications is the improvement of Africa’s technology infrastructure. This result was inevitable: with increased use and demand came the need for more sophisticated mobile communications systems, technicians, and personnel. Panseh Tsewole believes that any activity which positively grows innovation and technology in the continent can only help its future.

Panseh Tsewole concludes one significant benefit of growing mobile communications in Africa is increased access to the Internet. This alone has resulted in an increasing number of Africans being able to access banking services that were previously unavailable to them, along with formal education. Panseh Tsewole surmises this trend is changing the African communications landscape.